Introducing Boosterpet

BoosterPet is a team of veterinarians and technicians that provide accessible, technology-driven pet healthcare. Now visiting several of our Pet Pros locations for mobile clinics!
PerPros Van Booster Pet

Mobile Veterinary Van

They travel across Seattle and surrounding areas in a mobile veterinary van and set up shop at participating Pet Pros. No appointment necessary! Learn More

Convenient and accesible

The “Vet in a Van” can provide diagnostics including radiographs, blood work and laboratory analysis. Consult on body condition, feeding guidelines, dental care and even get your vaccinations to date. View Schedule


Discuss health concerns such as injuries, behavioral concerns, gastrointestinal upset, itchiness allergies, nutrition and more. BoosterPet veterinarians can prescribe and refill medications quickly for pick-up or delivery. Learn More